What is CAP?

Please read the letter of endorsement from Costa Vranas and Martin Engelbrecht (Chairpersons of ERA and GRA) – click here, link opens in a new window.

CAP is a non-profit community based, intelligence driven crime fighting solution built around a central Incident Command & Control Centre (ICCC), which is community-based, non-denominational, not for profit, and for the benefit of all residents / workers of the area.

CAP focuses on combating violent crime, ensuring our only motivation is building a safer community together.

CAP utilises accredited outsourced security service providers to provide the boots on the ground.

CAP has professionally run central organisations which oversee administration and security on behalf of the communities.

CAP has an armed response wing called CAP at HOME which is the first ever non-profit armed response company. This enables the CAP community to integrate its armed response offering with CAP’s revolutionary approach to security.

To find out more about CAP please visit www.capgroup.org.za

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