The Emmarentia Residents’ Association (ERA) represents residents of our beautiful suburb.

Our built and natural environment and our architectural and social heritages are important elements of what makes the Emmarentia suburb desirable and amenable to us all, and are worth protecting and enhancing through judicious development. ERA strives to act in a way that is positive, transparent, and equitable and results in the sustainable development of our suburb.

ERA therefore has a role to play in ensuring this for all residents. As part of our brief we provide residents with information on building alterations, town planning requirements and heritage applications as well as act on behalf of the forefathers of our suburb – the Louw Geldenhuys Trust (LGT). The LGT has an integral role to play in ensuring that building plans, land use changes and heritage aspects comply with the conditions in a property’s title deeds. ERA, on behalf of the LGT, must therefore scrutinise every single building plan for house alterations in the suburb prior to building plan approval by the City Council – all of which must be done before anyone begins building on their site. This document provides guidance on how to submit building plans to ERA.

ERA’s administration of the building plans scrutiny process is intended to guide applicants through the statutory requirements (such as the National Building Regulations, the Johannesburg Town Planning Scheme, National Heritage Resources Act), and to care for and develop our suburb in a positive way, ensuring that the aspects of the area we all value can be maintained and enriched. Coherent and sensible development should improve amenities and property values for all who live in and use our wonderful suburb.

ERA is also mandated by the Heritage Act to inspect those plans and properties which require Heritage Agency permits (any work to buildings, or on the same property as buildings, 60 years or older). This scrutiny is required by the Provincial Heritage Resources Agency ­ Gauteng (PHRAG) who will grant their approval, before plans can be submitted to the City Council for building plans approval.

If you are concerned that unapproved construction is taking place in your area, you have 3 options:

If you are concerned that unapproved construction is taking place in your area, you can investigate the status of plan approvals at the City Council here:;;

The City Council’s Building Inspector for Emmarentia is:

Mr Tikwe Kgare:

Tel 011 – 761 0483

Cell: 083 450 3037

The ERA Building Plans Submission Requirements

Applicants are to prepare their plans submission as they would for submission to the Local Authority for Building Plans Approval. For more information see the City of Johannesburg’s website: inspection.stm


1. Applicants are advised to check that all items required on the ERA checklist are included and marked as such.

2. ERA will examine the full submission set prior to council submission.

3. If the work the applicant is proposing is likely to be difficult or contentious in any way and if the title deed requirements are not being met, ERA recommends the applicant first engages with ERA before expending great resources on preparing an application.

4. Applicants are reminded that ERA/LGT approval in no way derogates from the applicant’s responsibility and legal obligation to obtain all the required approvals in full from the relevant statutory authorities. This includes obtaining approval for any changes once construction has commenced.

5. Equally, applicants are reminded that once building plans are approved by all the required authorities and building work commences, applicants must familiarise themselves with and ensure that their sites abide by all relevant city bylaws, for example hours of work, storage of materials, disposal of rubble, etc..

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