JUMA/JURA Event 2017

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The Emmarentia Post – April 2017

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The Emmarentia Post April 2017

Emmarentia Gardens Master Plan

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MASTER PLAN - Proposal
MASTERPLAN - Alternative 1

Our Precinct Plan

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Our Precinct Plan

ERA 2017 AGM

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ERA AGM 2017

The Emmarentia Post – February 2017

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News from the green heart of Joburg…The Emmarentia Post

Proposed Emmarentia Development

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During September and October 2014 the developer held meetings with residents to tell us about his proposed development. The City had advised the developer to apply for an amendment to the existing Precinct Plan through an Addendum process. This is because the proposed development does not conform to the approved Precinct Plan. The developer submitted a report to the City on 15 April 2015 to motivate for a change to the Precinct Plan (click here to see that report from the developer) that would suit their development. The Emmarentia Residents’ Association (ERA), the Greenside Residents’ Association (GRA) and hundreds of residents objected to the proposed changes to the Precinct Plan (refer to the link below to see ERA’s objection to the developers proposed Addendum to the Precinct Plan). No formal response to these objections was ever received. In tandem with this, the developer also submitted a development application to rezone erven 1098 – 1104 to Business 2. The ERA and the GRA notified residents of this application and rallied support to object to the rezoning. Overall 2479 objections to the rezoning were submitted to the City. This process to decide the rezoning application takes a long time and the outcome will depend very much on whether the proposed amendment to the Precinct Plan is approved. In summary, there are applications for both an amendment to the Precinct Plan and a rezoning, to change the rights to retail, offices and flats from residential.


During the past year, the City’s Department of Transformation and the developer have had ongoing meetings and discussions to revise the design of the proposed development. This culminated in new plans that were presented to the public in a meeting on 27 September 2016 at Marks Park. The changes are cosmetic and are architectural and/or urban design in nature. (Click here to see the developers’ latest submission) The developer has NOT abandoned its aim of trying to get the City to change the Precinct Plan to accommodate the development it proposes. Despite this crucial issue, at the last public meeting, very little was mentioned about the proposed Precinct Plan amendment. Our approved precinct plan – developed with full public participation – does not provide for the development of additional commercial spaces that the developer is wanting. We urge all residents to make their voices heard by 25 October 2016 and to give your views and reasons on whether:

  • the Precinct Plan should be amended, and
  • the rezoning is supported or not.

Your views will be submitted to the Council, which is obliged to take our views into consideration. Details of the reasons why ERA and GRA have not supported the Precinct Plan amendment or the rezoning application are detailed in the following important documents:

We will post updates on news of progress and relevance to this proposed development on this website regularly. Many thanks for adding your voice – it is needed to safeguard our community. Please feel free to use text of the previous submissions in your own submissions. Please mail us on sos@emmarentia.co.za if you do not want to (or cannot) post your views here. If you opt to share your views via email please indicate if we may publish these on the ERA/GRA website. We have until the 28 October 2016 to respond to the proposals which include both the rezoning application as well as the addendum to the Precinct Plan.

Africa’s first Little Free Library is set up at Emmarentia Dam

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EMMARENTIA – Northcliff High School pupil Tanya Meyer has set up the first Little Free Library in Africa. On a Rotary exchange trip to Holland in December last year, she discovered the Little Free Library initiative.

She explained, “It’s a bit like geocaching, where treasure is hidden around the world and you can find the GPS coordinates on the app. The Little Free Library is the same principle. But if you take a book, you have to replace it with one of your books.”

When asked about scepticism some may have about the project, the Matric pupil brushed it off. “People are sceptical because they distrust the community and they don’t want to get involved. I want to try and change that.”


Emmarentia Resident’s Association chairperson Wolfgang Phoenix is very impressed with Tanya’s initiative and wishes there were more people like her to get involved. “She came to us before she went to Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo and we felt it was a great idea, and that we would support her with whatever she needed. She needed minimal guidance from us but we put her in touch with the right people,” he said.

Other members present included the immediate past vice president of the Rotary Club Northcliff, Paul Westcott, and Emmarentia Resident’s Association executive committee member for town planning, Gemey Abrahams. Abrahams commended Tanya on her initiative and tenacity to navigate the bureaucratic red tape with which she no doubt had to contend.

As the library has been registered on the [official website www.littlefreelibrary.org] it is officially the first in the whole of Africa. It can be found at the Johannesburg Botanical Garden, Emmarentia, next to the first bench and is available to the public. Important to note, if a book is taken it must be swapped out by another.

Content source :  http://northcliffmelvilletimes.co.za/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/2015/07/TANYAMEYERHOLIDAY_04567.jpg?271d84

Author : Jessica Combes – Journalist

Xmas in July Photos 2016

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Important Contact Information

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Important City of Joburg Contact Numbers(1)